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Legal Internship/Mentorship

          ​We run a fall, spring and summer program. The fall and spring programs attract local students that can work during the school semester around their class schedule. The summer program is 10 weeks in our Mineola office and has attracted students from as far as Nevada to attend. We have had students participated from a variety of colleges including: Brown University, Bucknell University, St. John’s University, John Jay College, Uconn, University of Hartford, SUNY Binghamton, Villanova University, Providence College, Fairfield University, University of New Haven, Siena College, SUNY New Paltz,

          The internship focuses on the litigation process. Interns are first taught various legal terms and terms applicable to the personal injury field. They are then trained to draft legal documents such as the Summons and Complaint, Bills of Particulars and Disocvery Reponses. All work is reviewed by the attorneys and then edited and sent out by the interns. They also have an opportunity to speak to clients and observe intakes. Lastly, the interns help out with our community efforts during the internship – they have volunteered at food pantries, marched in parades, gone to Coney Island to meet community members and give out gifts

Maria Dedios

There simply aren’t enough words to describe the gratitude I have for my experience as a Summer Intern at the Lavelle Law Firm. When I first started, becoming a lawyer was only a mere thought. As a senior majoring in Psychology and Education, I had very little knowledge about the field of law. Because of my inexperience, I thought that pursuing a career in law was silly, at best. Yet, I was still granted this life changing opportunity and trusted with important work. Learning about law and working on actual cases gave me more confidence in myself and in the lawyer I now envision myself to be. Still, though I’m thankful for this newfound self-assurance, the most important thing the Lavelle Firm taught me and what I’m ultimately most thankful for are the values of hard work, compassion, and generosity.

Jay Zumpol

Given the global circumstances at the time I was under the impression that the majority of the summer internships I applied for would be rescinded. This was until about a month into quarantine when I received an internship offer from the Lavelle Law Firm. First starting the internship was certainly a memorable experience given that we were all adjusting to working with the new regulations. However, this didn’t stop Emily and the rest of the firm from giving us a great learning opportunity, while at the same time keeping everyone safe. 

Over the nearly 3 months that I worked full time at the firm I was able to learn a great deal about the New York Courts and how to draft court documents and other necessary paperwork needed during litigation. Also, I was given the opportunity to attend the ‘Stop the Violence Town Hall held at a Bed-Stuy park, to combat increased gun violence. At this event we were able to interact with the community and many NYPD officers that had been affected by recent tragedies due to gun violence. In all, my summer internship experience at the Lavelle Law Firm was extremely educational and I am very appreciative for this opportunity. 

Lindsey Tiberia

My name is Lindsey Tiberia and I am from Oyster Bay, New York. This fall I am going to be a junior at Providence College in Rhode Island. I am currently majoring in marketing with a minor in English. I’ve always considered attending law school but did not know for sure if it was the right path for me. This past summer I was an intern at the Lavelle Law Firm. We were able to really get involved in the process and learn the steps taken in a lawsuit. We communicated regularly with clients, defense attorneys and even listened in on virtual conferences. We learned to draft several different types of motions and how to respond to demands made by the defense. This firsthand experience was priceless. I am so grateful to all of the staff at the Lavelle Firm for making this summer such a positive experience. Everyone was more than willing to answer questions and provide assistance every step of the way and because of that I feel like I have learned so much. I have since decided to take the LSATs this year. 

Dominick Serio

After graduating in May of 2019 from the University of Connecticut, I was granted a full time position here as a paralegal at the Lavelle Firm after having completed a summer internship in 2018. I was uncertain in knowing if I was going to attend Law School in the fall. By the beginning of the summer, I made the decision to stay at the Lavelle Firm and work for a year before applying to law school. Today I made the decision that I will be attending Hofstra Law School on a full tuition scholarship this fall. Throughout the time that I have been here, I gained a lot of knowledge about the law and gained the interpersonal skills that will help guide me throughout my law school experience and my legal career. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that this firm has given me, and I look forward to using the skills that I have learned here to help advance my legal career in the future!

Community Partnerships

At Lavelle Law Firm, we are big in giving back to the communities we service. We’ve even donated half of our office space to a non-profit organization, TENT Ministries, Inc. ( to partner with them & continue expanding our community outreach initiatives in Brooklyn! If you would like to partner with us on an event or cause, email us at:

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