Our Mission

Our mission is to serve people who have been injured in an accident by guiding them through the legal process with care and consideration. Lavelle Law Firm was conceived as a U.S. Veteran’s dream to continue caring for the people in this country. Our 30 years of expertise paired with innovative technology, allow us to represent you in the best way possible. We help you navigate the medical system to find the best doctors to treat your injuries so your road to recovery is as smooth as can be. We work diligently in the courtroom to get you the money you deserve.

Our Values

How Do We Show We Care?

We keep you at the front of our mind

We go above and beyond to make sure you get the best service. We can come to your home, job or hospital for a free consultation. We consistently follow up with clients to remind them about medical appointments. We also help clients get lost wages from time they missed at work due to the accident.

great results personal injury cases won

We prioritize getting the best settlement

The results speak for themselves! We have thousands of happy clients who have received even more than they expected, including multimillion dollar wins. We've tripled settlement offers plenty of times because we believe you deserve the best!

care community law firm

We give back to the community

We host, sponsor and/or attend monthly events with the community and partner with schools, houses of worship, and non-profits to help better the community. We even donated half of our office to a non-profit organization, TENT Ministries. If you have an event you would like to partner up on, email jl@lavellefirm.com

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We speak your language

We take pride in hiring employees from all over the world including Dominican Republic, Korea, Guyana, El Salvador, Poland, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Haiti etc. This diverse cultural mix also brings life to many languages such as Spanish, Korean, Polish etc.

Meet the Family

Emily K. Lavelle Esq.

Vice President

Dominick W. Lavelle - Personal Injury Lawyer

Dominick W. Lavelle Esq.

Founder and Ceo

Iris Winter - Personal Injury Law Firm Manager

Iris Winters

Firm Manager

Lavelle Headshots (1)

Alexis Greene Esq.

Tennessee Attorney


Hannah May

Head Paralegal

Lavelle Headshots (1)

Dominik Zadlo

Intake Coordinator

Lavelle Headshots (2)

Leonard Spano

Client Liaison


Jessica Ruiz



Ines Reynoso


Lavelle New Headshots

Johanny Santos

Office Manager
(New York)


Tania Ruiz

Office Manager (Pennsylvania)

Lavelle New Headshots (1)

William Brown

Legal Assistant

Lavelle New Headshots

Lindsey Tiberia

(New York)


Jennifer Duncan

Community Liaison


Marissa Franklin

Office Manager


Jeanine Ishridas

Legal Assistant


Lindsay Shaheen

Legal Assistant


Angela Fuentes

Legal Assistant

Lavelle Headshot

Lina Celis

Legal Assistant


Ester Zavala

Legal Assistant


Genevieve Fernandez

Legal Assistant


Fatima Rivas

Legal Assistant


Paula Hernandez

Legal Assistant


Mya Anderson

Legal Assistant

Lavelle New Headshots (2)

Laura Lazo

Legal Assistant


Dazhalee Acevedo

Legal Assistant


Jocelynn Sanchez

Legal Assistant

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