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$2,500,000.00 Plaintiff is rear-ended in an accident with New York City Transit Authority bus, stimulating epileptic fits that she had not experienced since her youth, as well as forcing her to undergo back surgery. Although the Transit Authority eventually offered $1.2 million settlement, the case was taken to court instead where the jury awarded the plaintiff an advantageous verdict.

$1,600,000.00 Woman is struck by a New York Transit Authority bus in downtown Brooklyn. Transit Authority claims the accident never happened, only to change their position and say the casualty was the plaintiff's fault. They offer a settlement of $100,000, but the jury returns with a much larger unanimous verdict.

- $1,400,000.00 Woman trips and falls on broken step in her apartment building and suffers a spiral fracture to her right leg. Defense claims that she fell down the stairs while fighting with her boyfriend

- $1,350,000.00 Construction worker falls from scaffold at Rockland County construction site suffering a fractured hip, wrist and ribs.

- $1,200,000.00 Bicyclist falls to roadway after a bus makes too wide a turn. Plaintiff suffers perforated voicebox and undergoes throat surgery. Transit Authority insists that the young man was not struck by a bus at all and simply fell when he was riding his bicycle wildly in the street. The jury rejected the claim and awarded the plaintiff a favorable verdict.

- $995,000.00 Plaintiff gets a transfusion of HIV-tainted blood and develops AIDS. Transfusion occurred before HIV-screening became standard procedure for blood banks.

- $990,000.00 Plaintiff is struck by a garbage hauler and dragged for several feet. She suffers a fractured leg and nerve damage. Final offer before trial was only $40,000.00.

$875,000.00 A young man falls down while at work on a construction site, injuring his back so severely that he needs surgery. The insurance company claims this is a ridiculous case since he just started working, fell from only a few feet, and has a history of incarceration. The case is finally settled after many ever-increasing offers from the insurance agency.

- $700,000.00 Plaintiff involved in a motor vehicle accident between a taxi and an ambulette. He sustained a herniated disc in his neck and eventually underwent spinal fusion surgery. Defendant's counsel for the ambulette company maintined that they had no liability throughout the case but paid $600,000.00 at a pre-trial mediation.

- $300,000.00 Student leaves playground before school opens for classes. Action brought against The City of New York (poor supervision) and driver of automobile that struck child (automobile negligence). Child suffers fractured ribs and misses several weeks of classes. City claims that child broke school rules by sneaking out of the playground.

- $275,000.00 Plaintiff with history of back injuries slips and falls on water in a pharmacy. She eventually undergoes lumbar laminectomy. Defendants claim no notice of water and that all injuries are pre-existing.

- $275,000.00 Plaintiff suffers permanent foot pain following medical malpractice during foot surgery to repair a bunion.

- $275,000.00 Plaintiff slipped and fell on a wet gym floor at a private school. She suffered a fractured leg with surgery, but made a good recovery with no residuals.

- $250,000.00 Plaintiff slipped and fell on an icy sidewalk and suffered a fracture that required surgical repair.

- $250,000.002 Plaintiff suffers wedge compression fracture to his neck in an automobile accident.

- $250,000.003 Plaintiff involved in an automobile accident and suffers herniated discs in his back and neck and 3 months of lost wages.

- $250,000.00 Plaintiff is walking in a hall in his office building when he is struck by a Federal Express push cart. He undergoes knee surgery.

- $240,000.00 Plaintiff trips and falls over a broken tile in her bedroom and fractures her wrist. The wrist is repaired by surgery with little residual damage. Defendant NYC Housing Authority claims and hospital records confirm that plaintiff had taken too much Ambien before bed.

$225,000.00 A father drops his young child while walking down the stairs of a movie theater, claiming the stairs were dirty and caused him to trip. The child suffers headaches and learning disabilities as a result of the accident, although the theater maintained that there was no proof of clutter on the stairs. The case was dismissed by a Bronx judge for lack of evidence, only to have the decision be appealed and the case restored. The defendants settled the case for much higher than their original offer of $3,500.00

- $200,000.00 Bicyclist struck by Federal Express truck as it turns onto Broadway in Brooklyn. Plaintiff suffers shoulder tear that required arthroscopic surgery.

- $200,000.00 Plaintiff tripped and fell when an elevator in her building failed to properly level before the doors opened. Plaintiff suffered a fractured clavicle with no surgery.

- $200,000.00 Plaintiff guidance counselor involved in an automobile accident where he suffers a knee tear. Plaintiff then underwent arthroscopic knee surgery with good results.

- $200,000.00 (full available insurance) Husband and wife passengers in a car that is rear-ended during a snow storm. Both undergo knee surgery as a result of accident.

- $185,000.00 Plaintiff alleges kidney issues after surgery for unrelated abdominal surgery. Defense claims no correlation between abdominal surgery and kidney malfunctions.

- $175,000.00 Plaintiff alleges in a medical malpractice action that he suffered developmental and psychological problems because of problems during birth. Defendants claim that plaintiff had completely normal birth with no injury whatsoever.

- $150,000.00 Plaintiff suffers a broken leg in a car accident and requires surgery to repair the damage. Defense, and four independent witnesses, claim that plaintiff ran the red light.

- $150,000.00 Plaintiff suffers a knee injury when he trips over sewer pipes that were stored on the sidewalk. The defense claims that his knee injuries pre-dated the accident and that he should have seen the pipes that he tripped over.

- $150,000.00 Plaintiff trips and falls on a New York City sidewalk and suffers a neck injury that requires surgical repair. It comes to light in the course of litigation that plaintiff had prior neck injury at same location and prior Worker's Compensation claim for neck injuries.

- $150,000.00 (full insurance coverage) Plaintiff involved in automobile accident and suffers shoulder injury that requires arthroscopic surgery.

- $150,000.00  Plaintiff, an elderly woman, trips and falls on a cracked sidewalk following a snow storm and suffers a fractured leg with surgery. Defendants claim there was no defect to sidewalk and that she wasn't even sure where she fell and had given several locations to various people.

- $125,000.00  Plaintiff suffers a fractured ankle while walking up icy steps at a friend's home.

- $120,000.00 Plaintiff struck on the sidewalk by an out-of-control car while working as a street sweeper. Plaintiff suffered herniated discs in his back and neck and a shoulder injury.

- $100,000.00 (full insurance policy) Plaintiff suffers a herniated disc in his back as a result of a car accident.

- $100,000.00 Plaintiff falls out of his shower when a ceiling collapses onto him. He suffers a scratched retina with no residuals.

- $100,000.00 Plaintiff falls out his motorized wheelchair when trying to navigate an icey sidewalk. He injures his back and neck, and defense claims all injuries were degenerative in nature.

- $100,000.00 (full insurance coverage) Plaintiff suffers herniated disc in her back and has a series of epidural injections for the pain.

- $100,000.00 (full insurance policy) Plaintiff suffered neck injury that required partial discectomy surgery in an automobile accident.

- $85,000.00 Plaintiff was burned when he fell into a fire pit at a State Park. The State of New York claimed no liability because it was the fault of the person who left the coals, not New York State. Case was built through skillful depositions and contradicting testimony by park employees. Case was initally turned down by well-known national firm.

- $80,000.00 Plaintiff suffers a fractured nose when his brother loses control of his car and strikes a guard rail. Settlement was obtained without commencing a lawsuit because plaintiff didn't want to sue his brother.

- $75,000.00 Plaintiff suffers a fractured rib when his friend's car loses control and hits a wall.

- $75,000.00 Plaintiff trips and falls over a broken sidewalk in the Brooklyn waterfront. He suffers a fractured wrist without surgical repair and makes a full recovery.

- $60,000.00 Plaintiff slips and falls in a bath tub in the rooming house where he lives in Brooklyn. He suffers a deep laceration to his bicep that requires stitches to close. The landlord claims there was no defect in the shower.

- $55,000.00  Plaintiff undergoes shoulder surgery after a car accident. During the course of discovery it is revealed that plaintiff had undergone prior surgery on the same shoulder after a workplace accident.

- $50,000.00 (full insurance policy) Plaintiff suffered a herniated disc that required partial discectomy surgery in an automobile accident.

- $40,000.00 (global settlement) A mother and son are involved in a car accident and suffer back and neck injuries. Each plaintiff  had a history of prior accidents.

- $35,000.00 Plaintiff undergoes a knee surgery after a car accident. She had a long history knee problems from her work as a home health aide.

Notes: 1) reduced to $600,000.00 after post-trial motions.
          2) additur motion successful after insufficent verdict by jury.
          3) judicial award under Non-Jury Trial Initiative program in Civil Court, Bronx County

* Please note that prior results do not guarantee future outcomes. Some of the above verdicts/settlement were obtained in conjunction with trial counsel

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