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"A family of lawyers serving accident victims for over 19 years"
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A Family-Owned Personal Injury Firm Handling All Types of Accidents

- Car, Bus, Truck Accidents
- Accidents on Trains, Subways, Ferries and Buses
- Falls: Sidewalks, Streets, Curbs, Grocery & Department Stores, Homes/Apartments, Subway Stations, Bus Stops, Construction Sites
- Work-related Accidents, Ladders, Scaffolds,
- Construction Site Accidents
- Roadway Falls
- Slip and Fall Accidents on Snow & Ice
- Medical Malpractice, Lead Poisoning, Dental Malpractice
- Nursing Home Accident/Abuse/Neglect Cases
-Worker's Compensation/Disability
- Ceiling Collapse Cases
-Accidents in Prisons and Treatment Centers
- Fires and Toxic Inhalation
- Negligent Security Cases
- Criminal Defense
- Defective Products
- Traffic Violations

Injuries Including:

- Back and Neck Injuries, Fractures, Surgeries, Emotional Injuries, Lost Wages, Property Damage

"A Family of Lawyers Serving Accident
 Victims for Over 19 years"

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